Nicer Dicer Plus

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  • Nicer Dicer Plus
Nicer Dicer Plus
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Nicer Dicer Plus
The amazing Nicer Dicer Plus is the most innovative and versatile product ever made and it will instantly revolutionize the way you prepare your meals. cutting edge Technology Right at your fingertips and cut your cooking preparation time in half? Then we strongly suggest you keep reading. You can do tomatoes, potatoes and absolutely anything in less time than it takes to find the knife, with the powerful 24 Blade Cutting Technology of Nicer Dicer Plus! The Nicer Dicer Plus is an all-in-one Food Preparation Station! And you can chop or cut any size tomatoes or onions in a jiff. Just select the blade sizes according to your task. There is a wedge and quarter blade as well to use for eggs, apples, potatoes, fruit and more. You will also get: - Dual Action Swivel Peeler -Mandolin Set -Grater Attachment
*Don't just make a salad. Make the world's fastest and freshest salad with Nicer Dicer Plus!
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